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Location Intelligence & AI

There’s a new way to locate demand: Plot it up.

We provide fully automated, AI-powered, affordable geo-dataset based deep learning to understand your demand patterns and historical disruptions. Manufacturing sectors like aerospace, auto, maritime and defence are good at building high-tech vessels that move and secure economies but suffer when it comes to keeping supply chain lean and agile. With us, they can churn 100s of specific granular datasets, derive incredibly accurate forecasts that self-improve using AI, place their inventory and staff optimally, to service MROs and customers profitably. Win market share during the COVID-19 disruptions and beyond with unforgettable aftermarket fulfillment experiences.


Predictive granular forecasting

Trace & quantify organic demand

Extensive Data Analytics

  • Scenario building

  • Probability-wise projections

  • Project confidently into future

  • Streamline demand and inventory / resource planning

  • Trace customer activity and consumer movements in real time

  • Estimate customer demand with high accuracy

  • Match your offering to demographics

  • Over hundreds of proprietary data sets updated in real time

  • Build up complex data models and generate simulated data for AI training

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