Location & Demographics

There’s a new way to locate demand: Plot it up.

We provide fully automated, AI-powered, affordable geo-targeting options, that your brand just won't be able to miss.  You can rely on us to find you a perfect set of white spaces for you to place your inventory, gain customers profitably and grow your brand accurately. Win market share during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond with unforgettable order fulfillment experiences for your consumers.


Predictive granular forecasting

Trace & quantify organic demand

Extensive Data Analytics

  • Scenario building

  • Probability-wise projections

  • Project confidently into future

  • Streamline demand and inventory / resource planning

  • Trace customer activity and consumer movements in real time

  • Estimate customer demand with high accuracy

  • Match your offering to demographics

  • Over hundreds of proprietary data sets updated in real time

  • Build up complex data models and generate simulated data for AI training