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Gray Routes AI

Predict & Optimize Demand variations with GraySense Supply Chain AI

Secure Cloud

Fully Automated

ERP Integrations

Real-Time Analytics

DaaS & SaaS Services

There’s a new way to sense demand: Real time AI

We provide fully automated, AI-powered, granular demand sensing solutions, that enable manufacturers' operations and financial planning teams to dramatically reduce forecasting error and cut safety stock in half.  Measurably grow your service level with right-sized inventories for aftermarket spare parts supply chain - no overstocking or costly stock outs. Avoid unforgiveable customer experiences due to your disrupted supply chain.

Why build with us


  • Presence in 8+ countries and growing fast

  • Over 1 million data feeds coming in monthly

  • Never before visibility into demand trends

  • Actively build a sustainable supply chain

  • Proven safety stock savings and dramatic forecast accuracy improvements

  • Up to 40% deployment costs subsidized

Trusted by the most reputed … 


“We, at United, were looking for predictive analytics solution for our inventory optimization challenge across 160 global sites, when Gray Routes approached us with an innovative AI solution that just fit in perfectly"


Director, United Tech

“We chose Gray Routes for our AI automation project and analytics after they won a global innovation challenge that we ran. The granular supply chain insights we got, and the uplifts we measured were remarkably higher than those for our previous category drink launches.”

CIO, Leading Asia-based retail brand

“The digitized demand analytics solution by Gray Routes has been a boon for our marketing and trials team. We've been able to capture never before insights into consumers and shoppers at the Point Of Purchase.”

"Admission into the 3.5 month DMZ 2020 Accelerator program. Your only focus throughout the program? Build a revenue-driven growth playbook and become a true sales-focused organization. The winner: Gray Routes AI Inc, Sapna Patel"


"A One Stop Solution for AI-based location intelligence and field automation software"

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